The Rockies 3.5.-10.5.2010

On Monday 3.5.2010 my individual travel began, as I took the Greyhound Bus to Jasper. While checking in, I met Linda from Holland and decided to join her on a hike. So without any sleep the last night, no breakfest, but equiped with snow shoes, we started our 6 hours hike.

The nexed day I joined two guys from Siwtzerland. It was an other 6 hours hike around the famous "five lakes". On the third day, I rented a mountain bike and started the tour by my self. First I passed a few lakes and then made my way up to the "Melign Canyoning" On the top I met Sebastian (a guy from the hostel ) and had lunch with him. On Friday I found a ride share to Lake Louise. We made several stops and enjoyed the breath taking view. We also stopped at the waterfalls and the glacier. In Lake Louise I started my hike up to the world famouse lake. Even though, it was still frozen, it was fascinating, Up on the lake I also met Linda and did a short hike with her and in the evening we had dinner togeather. On Saturday I drove to Banff. There I did a little walk along the "Bow River" and on Sunday I hiked up the "Tunnel Mountain", to enjoy the fantastic view over the valley. Withuot a car you can't do that much in Banff, so I drove to Calgary on Monday.


* animals I have seen> Deers, Elks, Mountian Sheaps, Mountain Goats

Vancouver Island 26.4.-3.5.2010

A fantastic trip with fantastic friends and our car named "Mika"   :-)


We traveled between 26.4 and 3.5 and had a great time. Ivan went with us to Victoria and then visited his relatives. Mareen was with us from Victoria to Ucuelet. But on the whole tripo were just Miriam, Marzena, Johannes and I.

We drove from Victoria to Ucuelet and then to Tofino. We did several short hikes through the rainforest and along the pacific coast. In Tofino we also made a day trip to the hot springs. On our way from Tofino to Campell River (east coast), we saw our first black bear. He crossed the street just right behind our car :-) From Campell River we took a ferry to Quadran Island. We wanted to do there some kajacking, but because it was so windy, we couldn"t. So we decided to do a hike up to the Chinese Mountain North + South and enjoyed a perfect view over all the little isalnds. A bit tired we also had a short nap in the sun :-)

Bevor going back to Kamloops we also made a overnight stop in Nainamo.


Thank you my friends for this unforgettable and wonderful trip!!!!


* animals we have seen: black bear, bald eagle, deers, sea otta


Dear English speaking friends – I am so sorry, but I was just too busy to update my homepage. Time flies and 4 months are over and with it my time at the Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. My last exams were quite okay and now I have to say good bye to all of my new friends. It was really a pleasure for me to meet all those wonderful people and get known so many new friends – I will miss you all :-(

Now I will give you some updates from the last weeks:

A few weeks ago Ivan and I rented a car and visited Revelstoke and Glacier NP. It was a really nice trip and it was great to get out of Kamloops.

As on Facebook I am in the Group photographs at TRU, they asked me if I want to go on a photo trip with them. So on Good Friday I went with them to a lake near Kamloops and took some nice pictures.

On Saturday I had a wonderful Easter dinner with a traditional stuffed turkey – yummy, soooo delicious.  On Easer Sunday I met my friends and we hid some eggs and afterwards had dinner together. It was such a nice Ester Weekend!

Last weekend three friends and I went to Kelona and the Okanagan Region – a very nice wine area. We tasted some wine and then enjoyed the sun on the beach and Ivan and I even went swimming in the lake :-)

So, that was my exchange semester at the Thompson Rivers University – maybe I will write a few reports from my travels. If not, I will update the Homepage after my return.



Snow was melting already long ago and most of the time it was sunny, but last week it got really warm and once I even went out without a sweater :-) With the warm weather, it is really nice on campus – all the students are out and play frisbee, volleyball or do something else…I think I have to get some badminton equipment or even a volleyball as well! Last time I had a nice weekend with Miriam. First we went shopping and after not finding some new cloth, I bought a necklace, a scarf and new shoes :-) Later we went for a hike, which ended up being a climbing tour, but we had so much fun and just enjoyed our time. In the evening we got a already cooked chicken from the superstore and watched Pretty Women – so a perfect day!!!! On Sunday I had to stay at the university and do some studying as well, as I am not only here for fun :-)

Last Wednesday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day together with some green beer ;-)

Today some of my friends come over and we made lasagna and watched a movie afterwards.

Last week I also booked my flight to Halifax (it is in the very east of Canada). I more or less planed already my whole trip. My Plan: I’ll get the monthly discovery pass from the Greyhound Bus and after finishing my last exam on the 23ed of April I will make my way from Kamloops to Vancouver Island on the 26ed. I will stay on the island for about 7 days and then will go to Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff. After that I will fly form Calgary to Hailfax and make my way over Montreal and Quebec to Toronto and the Niagara falls :-) I will do this trip all by my one, but hope to get known some people during my stays at the youth hostels and maybe I can do some parts of my trip with them….But I think it will be a great experience to do this all by my one!!!!

The new pictures are form the world masters athletic championship, from my day trip to the Shuswap Lake (together with the Austrians form the world championship) and from the last weekend.

Greetings to everyone – and Mama once again – Happy Birthday!!!!!

3.3.10 - World Masters Championship

After a hard week full of exams, another great and exiting week has come. The athletic world championships from the masters (so from athletes over 35 years) are held in Kamloops. As my brother is an athlete as well, I just love watching the games (but my brother is not there, because he is not over 35). But of course some Austrians are there as well and I have met them. It was really nice talking with some people from back home and I’m sure we will see us the next days as well.  

3.3.10 - Vancouver

I’m so sorry it took me so long to write this report, but I was just to lazy and there are too many things going on around as that I want to spend my time in front of the computer :-)

During our spring break form the 12th till the 21st of February we went to Vancouver. After a 5 hour drive with the Greyhound bus we arrived in Vancouver and checked in our cheep hostel we found in the internet. The hostel was nothing special, but what do you aspect for 25$ and that during the Olympics? But it was located directly in the city center, so perfect for us. We arrived on Friday and enjoyed opening ceremony on the big screen, between thousands of people. It was such an great atmosphere and I just loved it.

Beside the Olympics we have also seen allot from Vancouver – a beautiful city! On Saturday we went over to North Vancouver to the Lynn Canyon Park – a rainforest in the middle of Vancouver. Even though it was raining all the time, I was fascinated – those huge trees, everything was overgrown and between waterfalls and lakes….

Later that evening we watched some games on the screens in the citycenter.

Sunday was Chinese New Year, so we got up early to see the huge pared from Chinatown, a colorful event with lots of music and firecrackers. It was a pretty warm and sunny day, so we walked to the beach and enjoyed our first ice-cream – yummy :-)  

On Monday we walked over to Stanley Park and visited the aquarium. We admired not just the dolphins, but also whales, all kinds of fishes, butterflies and parrots. After that we walked around the huge Park and I again was fascinated from those really big trees.

On Tuesday we just spend our time in the fan zone and watched the games together with a hot chocolate and a great atmosphere. In the evening we had to go back to the bus and made our way back to Kamloops.

The last days of the spring brakes I spent with learning, because I had all my midterms the next week.

6.2.10 II

Oh – nearly forgot:

On Thursday we went out – not that this is something special, but: As we changed the bar from the one up at the university the other one downtown, we got chauffeured from a long with limousine :-)

Furthermore, the weather is still warm and I have seen already the first flowers (snowdrops)!


Well, last weeks you haven’t got any news – but now here they are!

Let’s start with Tuesday (26.1). It was a special day for Kamloops as the Olympic torch should find her way through the city. The final stop was the Universities sports field. Some of our lectors dropped class so we could join the event.  First there was a little theatre play about Kamloops history and at about 6 pm more and more people got together at the sports field. Beside music entertainment, Coca Cola had some huge advertisement and so we end up with free drinks and a vibrant color Coca Cola bottle. After well provided with some Canadian flags, we got infectious with the great euphoria and started singing to the songs :-)

At about 7pm, the first runner arrived at the sports field and passed the flam along – the estimated 7000 people cheer for enthusiastically und it was just a great atmosphere. After the Canadian hymn, the evening ended with a magnificent firework and Kamloops was ready for the Olympic Games!

On Saturday, Katy took me along for indoor climbing. After starting with an easy way it got more and more difficult, till I fallen the first time – but thank the rope, I was not really falling :-) Now I am really motivated to climbing more often – it was just so much fun, even though my arms hurt afterwards! Later this evening we made our one pizza (we even maid the dough) and together with a nice movie, we had a perfect “girly evening”.

At University everything is still working out well and last Thursday I held my first presentation, which I passed pretty good. I also had to hand in some assignments and I hope they are also okay.  Just one week of university left and then – reading breaks!!!!

Yesterday we all cooked at my place. We had some traditional German food with salad and brownies for dessert. After dinner we got inaugurated into the high art of poker game – the luck was not with me, but as we haven’t played with money, I kept it for the next time :-)

Today I had to work a bit for University and now will go over to the basketball game – got free tickets!!!


What’s new! On Tuesday the guys wanted to go to the cinema to see Avatar. But as I do not like films like that I was not motivated and therefore picked out a perfect romance for us girls – LeapYear. So finally we had gender segregation and in front of the cinema hall we part company = ) With free popcorn and coca cola we had a funny evening and everyone enjoyed his film!

On Friday we went for night snow tubing – so with a rubber tire we slide down the snow hill.  And in a duple or even triple chain we had so much fun. Then on the camp fire we had hot dog and s’mores – mhhh yummy - soooo delicious.

On Saturday we wanted to go skiing and for that we rented two cars as this was cheaper than going by bus. As we already had the cars on Friday evening, we decided to take the chance and do something. As  it was a wonderful and clear night we drove with the cars out of Kamloops, stopped just in the middle of nowhere and together with chocolate muffins and music we enjoyed the starry sky.

With nine people we made our way to SunPeaks on Sunday, to have a wonderful ski day. The lift ticket and the rentals were very expensive and I hoped the price for it was worthwhile. In the valley it was a bit foggy, but up on the mountain we had the best weather. And as there weren’t many people we had just a perfect day!

A bit tired on our way home we decided to jump in the hot tube to relax our muscles = )

After working a bit for university on Sunday, I watched the men volleyball game from our university. Together with a great atmosphere and the supporting fan club – they won the game! Later on I met Miriam and Thea for a coffee, before I went downtown again...




Today I had such a great day!!! But before I gonna tell you what we did, some updates from the week:

The weather was completely crazy this week – it’s pretty warm and all the snow melted. Last night it frozen again, but during the day it warmed up and had plus degrees.

This week I registered for volleyball so I will play at the university every Tuesday. It will be a mixed group just playing for fun – so I’m looking forward to it and hope it will be fun.

At University we have already lots of work to do and I had already my first group meeting. My group members are very nice and I think we will have lots of fun together!!!

I know already lots of people and also some Canadians.  

So know – what has happened today?!: I started the day with a little walk up a hill near our university. We had tons of fun and took many pictures. The weather was pretty good so we had a good view over Kamloops :-)

After that we met the gays and went Downtown. There we made our way to the river. Arrived there we got rid of our warm clothes and stood there with our swimming cloths getting goosebumps.  The riverbank still was a bit frozen, but couldn’t disabuse us from our plan. First a bit hesitantly we finally made our way into the icy river and had a very very short swim :-) After that we warm up with a nice hot chocolate.

Later the girls came to my house and we cooked together. We had spaghetti with salmon and spinach – so yummy!!!

Tomorrow I think I will stay at home – just read my books and do some research for my projects…


So, one week is over and now some updates!

Last week I needed to settle down and to get used to everything. I also thought about moving my flat so I would be nearer at campus, but finally I decided not to move. This weekend the other student, who is living with me in the house, is coming back and as I met her first she invited me to hang out with her and she will show me everything. Therefore I will stay downtown and see how things come.

I have chosen four courses: Fundraising for Non-profit Organisations, Human Resource Management, Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications.
In all courses we have to do a project and I think there is lots of work coming. Nevertheless I am looking forward to it because there I have the chance to work with Canadians and get them known.

As a student we are allowed to use the swimming pool and the hot tube. Recently I have utilized that and enjoyed the warm water. At the moment we have always minus 10 degrees and it is quite icy. On Wednesday I walked to university quite early and I saw a beautiful sunrise. The sky was so orange and all around everything was with.

Yesterday was a party from the student union and we were at the pub. There I drunk my first Canadian beer and had a nice evening. To day no classes for me so I will go a bit shopping and then start to read my books.


As now I do have internet , I can tell you what has happened the last days.

The journey was ok. When I landed in Calgary it was already midnight back home and I was a bit sad not being with them. But everything was so exiting, so I had no time to be sad… In Calgary we had to walk on the runway and it felt like my nostrils freeze up, because it had minus 21 degrees :-)

The plain to Kamloops was quite small and had just 37 seats. Before we were able to start our plan had to get deiced. With one hour delay I landed safety in Kamloops and was welcomed by Kelly. I stayed up until midnight and then went to bad after 27 hours.

The next day I went shopping and walked to the University. The University as well as the huge grocery shops are up on the hill so I had to walk 45 minutes. As the bus system isn’t good I think I have to walk most of the time.

Tomorrow it’s just Sunday, but as the orientation week for the incomes starts I have to be at University at 8:30. I am looking forward to it and hope I will get known some people

My last day 30.12.09

Just a few hours left and my adventure “Canada” begins. Actually it began already a few months ago. It was October as I received my university place at the Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. Weeks flew past and it was just yesterday as I packed my suitcase. Today a friend of mine is coming for dinner and then we will have an relaxed evening.

Tomorrow morning I have to get up early and then my parents will bring me to the airport in Munich. From there my flight goes over Frankfurt, Calgary and finally I will land in Kamloops. There my renter Kelly will meet me, so I do not have to worry about getting a taxi or a bus. She is really a very nice person and I think with her and her daughter we will have a nice New Year’s Eve.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!


p.s.: I hope my reports will get less full of misspellings as longer as I will stay in Canada :-)